Upcoming Training: Child Protection Awareness Programme

This four hour basic awareness course is the standardised child protection training programme for the youth work sector. It aims to create a basic awareness about the key issues in relation to child protection. It is suitable for volunteers and staff members in youth work organisations.


The Child Protection Programme is based in the National Youth Council of Ireland and is funded by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.

Our approach to this work includes:

  • Building the capacity of youth organisations to safeguard and protect their children and young people.
  • Developing and delivering child protection trainings to staff and volunteers at  all levels of responsibility in a youth work organisation.
  • Providing access for small youth work organisations to the Garda Vetting Unit through membership of the Youth Work Garda Vetting Consortium.
  • Advocating on behalf of the youth work sector for measures which safeguard and protect children and young people .

NYCI Garda Vetting Guide

One of these responsibilities includes supporting the youth sector to carry out Garda vetting on those involved in working with children and young people.

Who is this guidance document for? This information has been compiled by the NYCI Child Protection Programme for youth work organisations, clubs and projects, and specifically those tasked with ensuring that all staff and volunteers are recruited safely.

Garda Vetting Guide Cover

This guidance document explains how the Garda vetting process works and it outlines the responsibilities of organisations.

The Child Protection Programme in the National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) is funded by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA). The
Programme supports youth work organisations to meet their child protection and safeguarding responsibilities.

Enactment of Children First legislation

The Children First Bill has passed into legislation. The act represents an important step forward in children’s rights and protections. For more details see:


There are no details available at this time as to a commencement date for this legislation. This means that all child protection policy and practice continues as is. We will be in touch with any updates as and when they arise.

Working Safely in a Youth Club

This resource Working Safely in a Youth Club is designed to offer guidance to youth leaders on how to provide a safe environment for their young people.

cover page of Working Safely in a Youth Club

As youth groups are required to have in place child protection policies and procedures, which are fully implemented, this resource assists those working with young people to consider how to develop their safeguarding approach to their work.

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