There are various opportunities to get involved in International Youth Work. Represent NYCI and Irish young people at international seminars and events, meeting young people from all over the world to discuss issues that affect young people and influence decision makers; Organise an Exchange; Attend youth events in Ireland to discuss issues that affect young people worldwide.


There are international opportunities for young people in various difference areas and in different forms such as training, exchanges, seminars and conferences and volunteering. See News for upcoming opportunities.


There are EU Youth Conferences every six months organised by the country holding the EU Presidency. This is part of the EU Youth Dialogue process with young people from all over Europe. For more info see EU Youth Dialogue and watch out for upcoming events in Ireland and internationally in the News section. Contact with any queries.


Members organisations of NYCI can nominate members of the IAC. See more info on IAC here. The IAC meet throughout the year providing a forum for NYCI’s international representatives to share information and develop common strategies. Members are kept informed of all relevant issues and developments as well as opportunities for participation at international level. Contact us for info or a nomination form.


There are many funding opportunities for international youth work and youth policy engagement. Funding for activities such as International exchanges, strategic partnerships, international Seminars training and contact making seminars. Such as Erasmus+ funding; the Anna Lindh Foundation and the Council of Europe’s European Youth Foundation.


An international organization working from the Mediterranean to promote intercultural and civil society dialogue in the face of growing mistrust and polarisation. NYCI is a member of the Anna Lindh Network. If you are interested in joining the network please contact us for more details.


Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport, 2014-2020. It provides funding and support for organisations to operate projects that encourage European exchange, co-operation and learning. Erasmus+ is funded by the European Union through the contributions of member states, including Ireland. Funding of almost €170 million has been allocated to Ireland for the duration of the programme. Each member state of the European Union has a National Agency that manages the EU programme nationally.
In Ireland the National Agency is Leargas


Since 2015, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and NYCI have partnered to provide the opportunity for young Irish people to participate in the UN Youth Delegate Programme.

Each year, two UN Youth Delegates are chosen to form part of Ireland’s official delegation to the United Nations General Assembly. The aim of this public diplomacy initiative is to provide a platform for young people from Ireland to be represented at the United Nations, and to facilitate greater engagement with Irish youth on national and foreign policy issues. This is a unique opportunity for those wishing to get involved in developing policies that affect young people. Click here to find out more


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Keep informed with a huge array of websites and online resources on international youth work and policy. 

The National Agency in Ireland for the management of national and international exchange and cooperation programmes in education, youth and community work, and vocational education and training.

The European Commission Representation in Ireland aims to provide information for young people about the European Union that is relevant and easy to understand.

Their website provides information on the European Parliament’s role and powers, on the Irish MEPs and their activities, on the work of our office, and on issues currently being considered by the Parliament which are of significance for Ireland and for Europe as a whole. It seeks to provide information on your rights as EU citizens, and to be a resource for Irish schools. There are also links to other key EU web sites.

European Movement Ireland is a not-for-profit organisation working to make the connection between Irish people and the EU, campaigning for every Irish person to get involved with the European Union and by doing so, help shape it. Through running a series of campaigns, and education and training programmes, we campaign for Europe to be discussed in Ireland every day not just on referendum day.


Young Person Safety and Youth Exchange Programme. Published by Leargas.

Magazine published by the European Youth Forum providing a platform for the European Youth Forum member organisations, such as NYCI, to voice their opinions.

The training kits are thematic publications written by experienced youth trainers.

They are easy-to-use handbooks for use in training and study sessions.

T-Kits are produced in English. Some of them are also available in French or German. Published by Youth-Partnership net.

magazine about important issues in and around youth work in Europe and beyond. Published by the EU-CoE youth partnership once or twice a year, it is addressed to practitioners, leaders of youth organisations, researchers and policy makers. Articles come from all of those target groups and the magazine is enriched occasionally by outside voices too. Published by Youth-Partnership net.


The European Youth Forum (YFJ) is an independent, democratic, youth-led platform, representing 98 National Youth Councils and International Youth Organisations from across Europe. The YFJ works to empower young people to participate actively in society to improve their own lives, by representing and advocating their needs and interests and those of their organisations towards the European Institutions, the Council of Europe and the United Nations.

The Council of Europe/European Commission Youth Partnership Portal. This parnership aims to provide a lasting framework for the joint development of a coherent strategy in the field of youth worker training, youth policy and youth research.

Euromeds aim is to bring NGOs from the European and Mediterranean regions together in an environment of tolerance and mutual understanding by assisting them in networking and capacity building, increasing their participation and exchanging good practice.

Portal for young people. Europa is the official website of the European Union. It is a good starting point if you are looking for information and services provided by the EU but you don’t know your way around our sites.

This site gives you:

  • basic information on how the EU works
  • the latest EU news and events
  • links to EU information on the websites of EU institutions and agencies.

EurActiv is the independent media portal fully dedicated to EU affairs.

Eurodesk is a free information service providing young people and those who work with them with information on EU funding and opportunities to work, study, volunteer and travel in Europe.

Salto Youth is a network of 8 Resource Centres working on European priority areas within the youth field. It provides youth work and training resources and organises training and contact-making activities to support organisations, youth workers and National Agencies responsible for the implementation of the European Youth in Action Programme. The network is part of the European Commission’s Training Strategy within the Youth in Action Programme. It works in synergy with other partners in the field.