Tailored Training Courses

September 4, 2023

Climate Justice

Climate Justice seeks to explore and highlight the systemic and human rights issues related to the climate crisis. It looks at how climate change is a political issue, as well as an environmental issue.
September 4, 2023

Peace in a Polarised World

This workshop focuses on creating peace through building human connection at the personal, local, national and global levels. Supporting youth workers and young people to work towards peace in communities is essential to maintaining a strong foundation for tackling the global challenges facing our world today.
September 4, 2023

EmPowering YOUth

Understanding Power is a key aspect of empowering young people in embracing who they are and how to change their communities and the wider world for the better. This half day or full day workshop will facilitate you, your organisation and the young people you work with in building knowledge and skills in recognising, exploring and harnessing power.
September 4, 2023

Making Change – Moving from Idea to Action!

This workshop aims to support you in the practical side of moving interesting ideas to meaningful and sustainable actions, a collaborative learning environment where we look at projects, programmes and processes of taking action to make change.
September 4, 2023

Youth Work and the SDGs

Every country around the world is taking action to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. What are they? Why and how are they relevant to youth work? This training looks at why the SDGs are important, and how they relate to the work of youth organisations, youth workers, leaders and to volunteers and young people.
September 4, 2023

Local to Global – Introduction to Global Youth Work

The connection between local and global issues is not always obvious at first. This training delves a little deeper into issues relevant to young people and looks to build on the knowledge of youth workers and young people as we all navigate between our local community and a globalised world.
September 4, 2023

Globalisation – YOUth and the Truth

We live in an interconnected world and are influenced everyday by globalisation through the food we eat, the music we listen to, what we buy, what we drink, how and with whom we communicate, and how we live. Through this training, we will look at Globalisation – the issues, the opportunities and challenges – what brings the world together and how global issues and relationships (both seen, and unseen) are relevant to youth work in Ireland.
June 15, 2023

Global Youth Work – online learning module

The National Youth Council of Ireland in collaboration with Maynooth University has developed a new interactive online learning module on Global Youth Work. The module includes animations, interviews with youth work sector and Global Citizenship Education stakeholders, tools and resources addressing three key areas - Understanding Globalisation; Principles and Practice; & a transformative youth work practice model.
June 13, 2023

NUI Certificate Global Youth Work and Development Education

The new NUI Certificate in Global Youth Work and Development Education is a Level 8, Special Purpose award delivered by the National Youth Council of Ireland in partnership with the National University of Ireland, Maynooth.